Canada's premier distributor of e-mobility products

About Us

Knotty Scooter Co. is Canada’s premier wholesale distributor of leading-edge electric mobility products, including Segway, Kugoo, Everyday, Aventon, and Blutron.

We have carved a niche out for ourselves by the quality products at competitive prices that our partners need to become established resellers in an increasingly saturated market.

As a 100% Canadian-owned and operated company, we proudly serve resellers across Canada from our distribution facilities in Mississauga, Ontario, and Delta, BC. As a result, we seamlessly provide coast-to-coast accessibility for fast, dependable delivery of state-of-the-art e-mobility products.

We are the trusted supply chain partner you need to fulfill all e-mobility categories, offering the industry's most respected brands and models.

Whether you need to fill a special order for a single customer or are stocking your entire shop or warehouse, we easily meet demand. Our competitive wholesale prices allow you to increase profit margins to meet your growth goals.

Knotty Scooters has worked hard to establish strong partnerships with Canadian resellers offering the latest electronic bike and scooter models to meet the growing demand for versatile electric mobility products.

As an established electric bike and e-scooter wholesale supplier, we offer a carefully curated selection of brands designed to meet your customers' expectations.

Our team monitors market growth to spot trends and opportunities for ourselves and our clients. As a result, we ensure we continuously meet customer demand, so your business remains sustainable, scalable, and successful.

Our Products

We are your e-scooter and electric bike wholesale supplier offering an impressive selection of micro-mobility products, including: 

Segway-Ninebot Kick Scooters

As a factory-authorized distributor of Ninebot by Segway, we are proud to offer our Canadian resellers the opportunity to sell the best in electric mobility at everyday value prices.  Both our new and certified refurbished inventory is backed by a full 30-day warranty and courteous customer service.

This Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter is the latest way to get around town, with an easy-to-use design ideal for adults and kids. Segway continues to expand its offering to meet the changing needs of its riders.

Kugoo E-scooters

Kugoo e-scooters have grown increasingly popular since they first arrived on the scene in 2015. We respect their brand’s desire to develop state-of-the-art eco-friendly electric scooters offering the best riding experience.

As your electric scooter wholesale supplier, we keep up with the hottest scooter trends to help you expand your inventory.

Blutron E-Scooters

The name Blutron stands for clean power, with e-scooters designed as an energy-sustainable and eco-friendly personal mobility solution.

Blutron’s team of industrial designers, structural engineers, and battery and motor experts share the same commitment as our experts with a focus on delivering the best price, design and rider experience to your customers.

Aventon E-bikes

Aventon designs precision e-bikes, providing riders with an exceptional rider experience. As an electric bike wholesale supplier, we look for brands that appeal to all riders, from commuters to trailblazers.

Everyday E-bikes and E-scooters

Considered the OG of e-bikes, the Everyday lineup represents the best of the best. As Canadians ourselves we are proud to expose fellow Canadians to this Ontario-based company. They are all about leading-edge power, sleek designs, and models built to suit any rider's needs.

Refurbished E-mobility Wholesalers

Refurbished products are an important aspect of the e-mobility industry, providing cost-effective solutions that make e-personal transportation more accessible. Our refurbished e-bikes and e-scooters are sold packaged with all the components your customers would receive when buying the product new.

Our refurbished products are typically in 9/10 condition, and used Segways are fully backed by a 30-day warranty.

We also carry accessories and parts to expand your inventory and increase the years of enjoyment your customers experience from their purchases.

Our Mission

Knotty Scooters’ mission is to achieve the future of commuting by offering environmentally friendly products and effective alternatives. We are committed to providing a growing inventory of e-mobility products through our reseller partners that will provide the freedom for people to travel safely and efficiently in their communities without impacting the planet.

Why Knotty Scooters?

Knotty Scooter Co. is the oldest e-scooter and electric bike wholesale supplier in Canada, offering more experience and knowledge than our younger competitors. We have a professional team committed to protecting the environment by curating the complete selection of state-of-the-art e personal mobility products available.

As a result, you can meet increasing customer demand for green transportation solutions. We offer seamless customer experiences for our resellers, with end-to-end solutions not only offering leading-edge mobility products but also ensuring we deliver your orders to your door hassle-free.

We understand our performance directly impacts your customers and take every possible step to ensure their experience is never negatively impacted by our actions. Our competitive pricing facilitates growth for your business.

At the same time, our distribution process ensures your customers find what they need, whether they walk through your doors or add a product to your online shopping cart. Based in Toronto, Ontario, we are 100% Canadian-owned and operated.